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Are Vehicle Wraps a Good Investment for Small Businesses?

Definitely, mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising. If you own or operate a small business a vehicle wrap should be first on your list of forms of advertisement. Here’s why…

-Make a great first impression-

A vehicle wrap is a very memorable way to spread the word about your business. 

A professional looking vehicle reflects a professionally run business. 

-Stand out-

A person is not going to pay much attention to the white van rolling down the road as

it passes by, but they will see your well designed vehicle wrap with the message you wish

to display.


Depending on how often and far you  drive your vehicle you can reach thousands of views

per month doing the same daily driving you do everyday. This makes a vehicle wrap reach

further than other forms of advertising.


Many forms of advertisement require a reoccurring fee for adds as long as you run them.

A vehicle wrap is one payment that continuously advertises for you for the life of your wrap.

You will find your wrap pays for itself very quickly.


Keep it consistent. You work hard to come up with logos, colors, and themes for marketing strategies.

We can keep those consistent on the vehicle. People will soon recognize logo, phrases, and even colors

associated with your business. As your business grows wrap design can stay consistent from vehicle to

vehicle as you add to your fleet. 

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